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  • The high sealing effect and the low leak rates performance of CF flange connections is a result of gasket material. When assembling the CF flange connect, the knife edge is pressed into the flat copper gasket and force the seal material both axially as well as radially outwards to the flange. The material is enclosed and cannot flow even at high bakeout temperature. Due to this deformation of the seal such connections may sometimes stick together. They can be easily separated with a special tool or screwdriver.
  • Offered in both rotatable and nonrotatable versions with through holes and tapped bolt holes. Metric tapped holes and untapped holes flanges are identical products. UNC or UNF or other tapped holes can be ordered as specials.


  • Blanks & Flanges : 304 S.S. , stainless steel 316LN ESR(Other material available upon - request)
  • Gaskets : OFHC Copper or Viton
  • Cap : Polyethylene
  • Bolt : 304 S.S.
  • Temp. Range : -200C ~ 450C ( OFHC Copper )
  • Vacuum Range : 10-13torr
  • Torque Rating : CF35 and smaller 220 kgf-cm
  • CF63 and larger 360 kgf-cm
  • Larger or special size available upon request

Larger or special size available upon request, contact us with your specific requirements..